A Brief Guide to Self Hypnosis.

How to turn your thoughts in, and face your fear.

I am really glad I dropped my misconceived notions and gave this book a try. I was really impressed by the author’s message and how he relates it to the reader. If you are going to try this book please make sure that you fully immerse yourself in the experience. You will only get out if it what you put into it!

Adam Marlin, Facebook testimony :)

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Your Step by Step Guide to
Getting Started with the most powerful healing tool on the planet!

“It is our mind alone that chains us, or sets us free.” DK Rinpoche.

  • 1

    Find out what brain game can help you overcome depression, or anger in minutes!

    I’m serious, Chapters 3, and 4 teach brain games that can take you from slitting your wrists, to absolute power.

  • 2

    Find out how to use Perceptual Positions to change your mind, and others!

    I challenge you to play the game in this chapter, and learn new valuable resources from a past argument.

  • 3

    Find out what body language stance suggests a win-win-win, and which stance suggests otherwise.

    These five body language stances will change the way that you communicate.