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I know because I wrote it, and I want it to be different.

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“I have with me two gods, Persuasion and Compulsion.” – Themistocles


About Me:



Toastmasters International- Advanced communicator, international speech competitor, and speaker trainer.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, weight loss coach, motivational coach, and emotional intelligence coach. I practice everyday on everybody. I keep my skills sharp through public speaking, writing, and creating MP3’s that I guarantee will make you feel even better about your already great life.

Hypnosis- I’ve trained at the Vancouver School of Hypnotherapy, and have an extensive library. I love to read, speed read, read quietly, and read out loud. I think continuing education is important.

Direct to customer salesman- I knocked doors for years selling all kinds of products. It was during that time that I thought why sell things one door at a time, when we have the internet? I started blogging in 2009.

Internet Marketing- it’s not nearly as easy as door knocking.

Claim to fame: I died in a motorcycle accident in 2002, and had an outter body experience.

What happened?

A truck hit my street bike from behind at over 140 kms per hour, and I bounced 88 meters to a stop. My helmet broke off, and I left my body.

I clearly remember snapping back to life, and opening my eyes on the cold pavement. Then I passed out, and woke up with a tramautic brain injury. During the recovery I often told counsellors that I felt one half invincible, and one half scared to open my eyes. I had night terrors, extreme  flashbacks, flash forwards, flashing nowhere at all, big memory lapses, and for the longest time looking up, meant passing out… it was pretty confusing.

However, the moment of death was extremely peaceful and enlightening. It might seem strange but I still wish I had died. When you die there is ZERO negative, there is only happiness, joy, forgiveness, and love… death feels so good that I know a lot of people die before they have to.


Why Top Brain Training?

Well, my accident took me on a journey through brain doctors and rehabilitation for years. Somehow along the way I suffered from things like PTSD, depression, addiction, I put on a bunch of weight, my joints hurt so bad I could barely walk, and Dr Seuss would have called me, “A slobby-mc-slobersome.”

After 7 years passed a mediation date was set; me vs. the insurance company.

I was feeling especially horrible on the day of the mediation. I had been crying so my eyes were swollen, and I was in bad shape. When the meeting was finally adjourned my Lawyer leaned toward me and asked, “Do you think you have brain damage?”

“Yes,” I spurted, but as I leaned back in my chair I had to wonder if I really have brain damage, and is it responsible for ALL of these problems?

Truthfully I think brain damage doesn’t have to be permanent because experience shows that you can rehabilitate your brain, just like you would any other injured muscle. But then I hear another voice saying, “Crazy people don’t think they’re crazy either.”

I needed back then what I have created today- Top Brain Training, a place where you can plug in, update your software, and go away believing in yourself.

5 minutes of my brain training exercises could leave you with a lifetime of learning resources.

Wouldn’t Top Brain Training involve memorization, and puzzles?

Top Brain Training is about activating ‘outside the box’ thinking strategies, and developing your intuition because it’s like Albert Einstein said, “The only real thing is intuition.”

Hypnosis helps you develop intuition.

Tell us about you:  I like to make jokes, and can be a bit of a loud talker. I injured my ACL playing soccer, and am waiting for surgery but I still workout because physical exercise is important to me, even if it’s just to burn off a bottle of wine.

A friend once told me, “You know, sharks have no idea of time. They don’t think, golly I only have 15 good years left, they just think about the moment and what they have to do to survive. They’re fearless.”

Fearless is an interesting word. If you were fearless than you would have everything that you wanted. You would do everything you wanted, be everywhere you wanted, and things like ‘working for a bad employer’ would cease to exist. Well I believe that you my friend, are fearless, so stop, and just ask yourself, “What exactly do I want right now?”

Hopefully it’s something that makes you feel good!

Parting words: Thanks for stopping by, hopefully you enjoy my blogs, and feel good about buying all my products.

Have a great and wonderful day!


Devin Bisanz Hypnosis

Knowing your own darkness is the best method to dealing with the darkness of other people- Carl Jung.

Frequently Asked Questions

hypnosis frequently asked questionsPeople often ask me these following questions. Perhaps there is something here you might find interesting.  Just click the question to find the answer:


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Do I wear headphones?


Is there anything else I should know about hypnosis?

Have you ever been in trance before, right now? -Milton Erickson


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